Head Injury: Precautions and Treatments


Injury or physical trauma is a damage caused by an external force. Injuries can happen at any point of time by an accident, hits, weapons and any other reasons.

Head Injury

The scalp, skull, or brain is affected by any trauma or injury is called head injury and it might happen due to a minor bump on the skull or a serious brain injury. The depth of any head injury is analyzed on how hard the head hit and how it affected in our brain. Basic head injuries include concussions, skull fractures, and scalp wounds. The head injury treatments varies on the basis of what caused and how severe the depth.

The injury which doesn't break the skull is termed as closed head injury and if it breaks your scalp and affects your skull and brain is known as an open or penetrating head injury. Head injuries can happen due to blows and shake. Shaking can affect usually within infants and children due to violent shaking and can occur at any time. Head injuries related to blows are motor vehicle accidents, falls, physical assaults, sports or any activity related accidents and most of the time your skull will protect your brain from any harmfulness.

Types of Head Injuries

·         Hemorrhage

Unrestrained bleeding situation is called the hemorrhage. There will be bleeding around your brain and it is called subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding inside your brain tissue, termed as intracerebral hemorrhage.

·         Concussion

If any brain injury happened and the impact towards the head is severe, the concussion occurs. The hammering of function connected with a concussion is temporary but the repeated concussions will lead to permanent damage.

·         Edema
Edema can occur from any brain injury. Injuries lead to swelling of the nearby tissues and it is more stern when it happens in your brain. The skull is unable to stretch for accommodating the bulge and this eventually builds up the pressure in your brain. This will cause your brain to press against your skull.

·         Skull fracture

Your skull doesn’t have bone marrow and that makes the skull extremely tough and hard to break. A broken skull is not capable to take up the collision of a blow, this will harm to your brain.

·         Sheer injury

This is also known as a diffuse axonal injury to the brain will never cause bleeding but damages the brain cells. This is considered the most dangerous injury since it is not visible and can lead to brain damage or death.

Head Injury treatment in Noida

Your head has more blood vessels and bleeding on the exterior of your brain or inside your brain is a stern worry in head injuries. The best available treatment in Delhi and Noida is from Dr. Manish Vaish, bestneurosurgeon Vaishali.