Tumor Embolization – A precursor to surgery



Tumor Embolization is a procedure where by certain highly vascular tumors of brain or spine having high chances of operative blood loss can be embolized to decrease the blood loss during surgery.


Primary goal of Tumor Embolization

The primary goal of tumor embolization is to decrease blood loss during surgery thereby requiring less blood transfusion and less morbidity. So tumor embolization can’t be considered a stand-alone complete procedure it’s preadjunct to surgical excision of the tumor.


Indications for Tumor Embolization

Certain highly vascular tumors of the brain and spine where prediction of very high blood loss is suspected can undergo tumor embolization prior to definitive surgery.


Patients prepare for tumor embolization

Preoperative preparation for tumor embolization involves a thorough evaluation, which includes medical history review, physical examination, and imaging studies (magnetic resonance imaging). It is essential to inform the surgical team about any allergies, medical conditions, or medications.


Procedure performed for Tumor embolization

Tumor embolization is typically performed under general anaesthesia. Groin puncture is done and with small catheter and wires we reach at the site of tumor and materials injected inside the tumor to decrease blood supply.


Postoperative care involve and the long-term outcomes

Since it preadjucnt to surgical procedure so long term outcome of it depends upon surgical outcome of tumor excision and final pathological biopsy. Most of the time patient can be taken up for surgery in the same sitting or otherwise a short post-operative stay will be needed before taking up for surgery.



Tumor Embolization is precursor to final surgical procedure. Its only indication is to decrease the anticipated huge blood loss, decreasing transfusion of blood and blood products with clean surgical field. It will not be considered a final or alternative solution to a surgical treatment.

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